Our Core Values

At Guptt we strive to create more than just a company - we aim to create a community. A community that respectfully represents the entire spectrum of bodies and sexual experiences and to do so in an ethical, loving and sacred way.



To respect the entire community around us, no matter what their age, race, colour, gender identification or anything else of that matter.    

First and most importantly, Guptt is dedicated to ethical practices within all of its interactions, procurements, sales and representations. Sustaining a high moral standard is vital in delivering our community the highest quality products while also maintaining a clear conscience message. This includes all sourcing practices, product manufacturing, partnerships, environmental output and maintaining a transparent and honest line of communication.


We promise to never gender our products or make any other assumptions on age, race, or sexuality when it comes to who should use our products or how they should be used.
Guptt's mission is to create an all inclusive and all loving environment through its strict non discrimination policy. Our products will never be gendered or have assumed sexuality attached to them. Instead we choose to represent our products for pleasuring, healing or helping align sexual energies. We place no assumption on our customer, instead seeing them as completely individual.
We will not create any marketing or photography that objectifies a person's body and will strive to maintain an image that is all inclusive. Our message will always shine a positive and sacred light on love, intimacy and spirituality.

Love is the spirit behind the Guptt brand. This is expressed through all of the marketing and imagery we create or choose to use within our store and on our social media platforms. Specifically, we will never tolerate the objectification of any bodies or sexualities and will not promote or sell any products that do. At Guptt, we work hard to represent all sexualities and experiences in a non-discriminatory manner. 
We aim to give education the highest of importance, consistently updating with new information supporting our community with knowledge and confidence.
Education is a vital part of sex and intimacy, something which is lacking within our culture. Guptt aims to combat this through content which covers an array of topics related to positive and sacred sexuality. Through blogs, videos, tutorials and interviews we aim to better educate our community. Guptt is also active with listening to customer needs and feedback in hope of constant evolvement for the greater good.
It goes without saying that we'll ensure all of our products are body safe and of the highest standard.
The entire catalogue of products featured on the Guptt website are body safe to provide peace of mind and the freedom of confidence whilst you purchase. We focus on supplying products made for pleasure, healing and empowerment, as opposed to patriarchal or out dated standards of other sex toy and sexual wellness companies.

Guptt is a company aimed at representing you. Every sexuality, every gender, every experience level, every experience, EVERYBODY! ☯︎