About us

Pron. They/Them


The creation of Guptt was a natural retaliation to the somewhat discriminatory and negative cultural beliefs towards sex and pleasure. There are so many contributing factors alive within our society; the unrealistic portrayal of sex and bodies within mainstream media, an inadequate education system when it comes to sexual health, pressure from porn and not to mention the inequality towards the femme and queer energy, which can often start at home. 
The time has arrived to redeem our once progressive and inclusive belief system towards sex and pleasure, to attain individual freedom and to reinvest our energy towards social issues related to sexuality in our society. We take the responsibility to empower and realign a culture that needs to change for our own social progression as a population, but more importantly, as a civilisation. 
At Guptt we strive to create more than just a company - we aim to create a community. A community that respectfully represents the entire spectrum of bodies and sexual experiences and to do so in an ethical, loving and sacred way.
We've built the Guptt Core Values to guide us towards this goal.